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Print photos or graphics or even create more fabric directly from your computer onto the fabric sheet using your color inkjet printer. 8-1/2inx11in and 100% cotton fabric sheets. Sew photo or graphics into your project. Hand washable.

Instructions: Design your image on the computer using your own photos, graphics or text. If desired, test print your image on a plain sheet of paper. Load one Colorfast Fabric sheet into printer so printing will appear on the unmarked, fabric side of the sheet. Printer should be set at normal quality, plain paper setting. Print image. Allow ink to dry at least 10 minutes. Remove paper backing from fabric. Set iron to highest (cotton) setting. NO STEAM. Iron image, face up, for 1 to 2 minutes to sete ink. Caution: do not use excessive pressure to iron image as fabric may distort.

Colorfast treatment: Rinse gently in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Dab excess water with clean paper towel. Do not rub! Iron at highest setting (cotton) NO STEAM to finish drying fabric. Caution; do not use ecessive pressure to iron image as fabric may distort. 

Sew your newly created fabric sheet into your project.

Laundering: Printed sheets can be washed by hand or machine in cold water. If Colorfast treatment was done, do not use detrgent. If machine washing, use gentle cyce. Remove promptly. If soiled, add a small amount of liquid fabric softener to cold water wash. Lay flat to dry.

June Tailor Sew-In Colorfast Sheet (single sheet)

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