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How to Use the Apliquick Tools, Glue and Stabilizer

I use and teach this product regularly. Transfer your pattern to  the shiny side (fusible side) of the stabilizer. This will enable you to create the pattern exactly as you see it without needing to reverse it. I use an Extra Fine Sharpie pen ® to transfer my pattern as it is easy to see, however, if you are using a really light fabric, the Sharpie pen ® will show through the fabric in which case you should use a pencil. Once your pattern is transferred onto the stabilizer, cut it out exactly on the line. With your iron set on cotton, adhere the fusible (shiny side) to the wrong side of your fabric for 8 to 10 seconds. Cut out leaving yourself a quarter inch seam allowance. This is usually too much for most applique techniques, but with this technique, a quarter inch works best. In the area to be turned under, apply the Apliquick glue to both the fusible and the seam allowance (sticky sticks best to sticky) With your tools hold the fork end on the piece to stabilize (these tools become your fingers) and with the beveled edge of the other tool slip it under the seam allowance and roll it onto the stabilizer pressing down to adhere. Once you have done a little bit, use this same beveled edge to press the seam flat. If there are areas needing to be "cleaned up a bit" use the pointy end to do this. I have included a link to a Youtube video (not professionally done) but I think you will find it helpful. There are 4 short videos so be sure to watch all 4. Just click on the word Youtube above. I hope this will help you in your adventure with Apliquick. Diane

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link to a short video (not

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on how to keep your silk 

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